The CoreFitnessRoller® is perhaps one of the most versatile, portable, and affordable pieces of exercise equipment out there today.  It can be used as a foam roller for muscle vascularization and myofascial release.  It can also be used to train and strengthen any part of the body. CFR workouts strengthen and stimulate the body from the inside out through variable resistance, barefoot training, balance training and coordinated full-body movements. Through CFR's unique design, it constantly challenges the body's proprioceptors, effectively making your body smarter as it becomes more fit.  As a professional dancer, I see endless possibilities for cross-training with the CFR.  There are even options for cardiovascular training on the CFR!  No matter what your level of fitness or movement experience, the CFR can offer a challenging and enjoyable way to work out that is life-enhancing.

Click on the videos below to catch a glimpse of some some of the exercises I practice for basic conditioning:

Please reach out with any questions, including organization of CFR workshops in Manhattan. 

Check back frequently to see any new videos on the CFR!

As a new Teacher Trainer for CoreFitnessRoller I am excited to share this amazing piece of equipment with the world!  Please visit my CONTACT page if you would like to schedule a free demo on the CFR, attend a class, or schedule a workshop.

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