"From Grape to Glass"

           I've always enjoyed wine but never considered there was anything else lurking in my glass other than delicious fermented grapes. As it turns out, many conventional wines contain added sugar, synthetic pesticides and chemical additives, none of which are indicated on the label. I like to know what I'm putting in my body, and Scout and Cellar's wines are guaranteed to be free of all that yucky stuff. Their Clean Crafted™ commitment not only ensures you get to enjoy wine in its delicious, authentic form - it also means your choice to buy Scout and Cellar wines does something positive for our planet, by supporting the small family-owned farms and sustainable farming practices that help bring the grapes to your glass. For me, that feels good....and it tastes even better. 

We are a community of wine lovers disrupting the industry and sharing our CLEAN CRAFTED™ COMMITMENT. Contact me for wine recommendations and more information on Scout and Cellar.

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