Lauren received her Comprehensive Pilates Mat and full equipment certification from the Kane School of Core Integration in 2004.  In the fall of 2009 Lauren completed the GYROTONIC® pre-training and Level I Tower Course. She has taught Pilates at Equinox Woodbury, The Printing House, Erika Bloom Pilates Plus, Kinespirit Riverside, and Kinected®.  She is also part of the Teacher Training faculty at Kinected/Kane School.  Lauren currently teaches private clients at Westside Dance Physical Therapy in Manhattan and has started Pilates Mat classes in her neighborhood of Sunnyside.

 Lauren is very passionate about Continuing Education and has attended Pilates CE courses on Advanced Choreography, Pilates for Golfers, the SI Joint, the Psoas, Pilates Through Pregnancy,  and FAMI (Functional Anatomy for Movement and Injuries) workshop.  Lauren is also a Balanced Body MOTR™ Faculty member.   

Lauren lives in Sunnyside, NY with her husband Cartney and daughter Caydian (born in Feb 2017). As a new mom, she is passionate about supporting women through pregnancy and beyond by teaching them how to move safely and restore their bodies to a state of strength and function. She draws on her own recent life experience to create exercise modifications for the prenatal and postpartum body that can help alleviate some of the discomfort associated with these states while also preparing the body for the physical demands of parenthood. Lauren enjoys working with students of all ages, abilities and life experience. While her group classes are safe for pre and postnatal, they are geared toward anyone and everyone. She encourages her students to ask questions and make requests so that class is safe, challenging and relevant for everyone in the room.  

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